The Process

Once the entrepreneurs are nominated and company revenue criteria is met, an in-person interview will be scheduled between the Partner and the nominee to learn about the company's growth, profitability and sustainability. Additionally, the interview process will allow the team to gain insight into strategies for success, management style, innovation and culture. These qualities play into overall evaluation and ranking.

The Honorees

2018 Upper Market Honorees (in alphabetical order):

  • Tammy Cohen, InfoMart
  • Sandeep Gauba, Metasys Technologies
  • Gururaj Rao, nuVizz
  • Mitch Reiner, Capital Investment Advisors
  • Sanjay Sehgal, MSys Technologies
  • Gary Simat, Total Server Solutions

2018 Middle Market Honorees (in alphabetical order):

  • Adrian Cronje,  Balentine
  • Yaser Hameed, Syrainfotek
  • Kelly Kierans, Celtic Testing Experts
  • Eric Spett, Terminus
  • Moira Vetter, MODO MODO Agency

2018 Trailblazer Honorees (in alphabetical order):

  • Dave Currie, List Partners
  • Gregory McGraw, MacStadium, Inc.

The rankings will be announced at TiECON Atlanta on September 28, 2018. Registration for the annual conference is now open.

Past honorees include:

2017 Upper Middle Market Honorees (in order of rankings):

  • Monty P. Hamilton: CEO, Rural Sourcing, Inc.
  • Ellen Turner and Laura Boone: Co-founders, principals – turnerboone
  • Sandeep Gauba: CEO, GoProcure
  • Vic Macchio: Founder and CEO, Dinova
  • Tim Olzer: Founder and CEO, LendingScience

2017 Middle Middle Market Honorees (in order of rankings):

  • Santosh Kaveti: Founder, ProArch
  • Johanna Thomas: Founder – Strategic Security Solutions (S3)
  • Ravindra Bhave: President and CEO, Concept Software and Services
  • Prashanthi J. Reddy: President and CEO, Accura Engineering and Consulting
  • Gregory McGraw: CEO, MacStadium, Inc.